Plug-ins and packages for Unity3D game engine available in the Asset Store

Sewer / Underground modular pack for Unity 2017.2 and up

Contains a few sub modules and props. Create beautiful sewerage/underground scene for your game !

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DRCS is a collider free system for detecting objects using Ray-casting ans Sphere-casting.

It uses the models triangular meshes. For more information check documentation or visit the Asset Store.

POLM is an Editor tool for Unity3D game engine, which is capable of baking Ambient Occlusion into textures or per Vertex. There is a possibility to become a "Per Object Light Mapper" for what stands POLM in general.

 For more information check documentation or visit the Asset Store

RPG Spider Pack contains:

1. Seven rigged, skinned and animated spider models using root motion animations, the RPG Spider Boss ( the one linked below ) and one egg model with seven different colored textures to match each spider

RPG Spider Boss - Included in the RPG Spider Pack as well:

Contains one animated  3D spider boss model with a PBR setup. It uses root motion animations.

Two Legged Monster

Bipedal animated monster character ready to be used in games